What is Extreme Mountain Biking? 

Most people know what mountain biking, but what is extreme mountain biking? Extreme mountain biking isn’t necessarily flying downhill at a high rate of speed. Rather, what makes it extreme is the condition of the trail that is being ridden on. Extreme mountain biking can be a dangerous sport which makes selecting the right gear a very important matter of safety.

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Extreme Mountain Biking
Extreme Mountain Biking

Choosing the right gear starts with selecting the right bike. The best place to purchase a bike is at a bike shop. When purchasing a bike at a bike store the salesperson will be able to fit you with the right bike. This means not only will the bike be the perfect size for you but it will also be the right fit for how you want to use it. A bike intended for extreme mountain biking will have different types of tires than a bike meant to be ridden for long distances on the road. In fact, everything about the extreme mountain bike is heavier than all other bikes, including the basic mountain bike.

While riding on rough terrain it is important for the rider to distribute their weight onto the rear axle as to not fly over the handlebars if something on the trail stops the bike’s front wheel. Riding in this way also keeps the front tire light, allowing it to smoothly go over the rough terrain. Using both the front and back brakes is also important in riding safely while participating in extreme mountain biking.

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