The Best Destinations for Ski Holidays in 2020

It isn’t only year-round sunshine that forms the attraction for winter breaks. Winter sports activity holidays have always been popular and there are now more options than ever to find a skiing holiday in a beautiful setting. Let’s take a look at some of these now:

The Best Destinations for Ski Holidays

Swiss Alps

Of course, the Swiss Alps are probably one of the most well-known destinations for ski holidays in the world, and at Zermatt, you will find the country’s longest ski run along with all-year-round snow. It is a perfect choice for intermediate skiers but also has plenty to do for non-skiers, with a great selection of restaurants, shops, and accommodation ranging from hotels to chalets and campsites to suit all budgets.


Most people will think of Turkey as being a classic beach holiday destination; however, skiing has been carefully developed in Turkey over recent years to help draw tourists to the country all year-round. There is now a range of slopes to suit all skill types, mainly situated in forest regions where there are mountains of medium height.

Some of the main ski resorts are Uludag Bursa – the most popular winter resort in Turkey, Kartepe Sapanca with a seventeen-hundred-meter summit, and Erzurum Palandoken, which is the highest and coldest ski resort in the country at a height of over three thousand meters.

The Best Destinations for Ski Holidays


France has a long history and deserved reputation as a winter holiday destination and anyone considering ski holidays in 2012 would do well to look into what the country has to offer. Courchevel is a modern resort that is well known for epitomizing French style and chic, as well as having the widest range of accommodations in the Alps.

More than 100 ski runs guarantee something for all skill ranges and its popularity with celebrities means that it boasts one of the best quality après ski scenes of any resort; although it can also come with price tags to match.


Although Portugal is known as one of the world’s top surf and golfing locations, it can come as a surprise to find that ski holidays are becoming ever more popular there. The country’s main (and only natural) ski resort is located nearly two thousand meters above sea level at the top of the Serra da Estrela mountains and is also a popular place for the growing trend of snowboarding. The season only last a few weeks and so there is only a small window of opportunity for skiers here each year.


Kitzbuhel in Austria is a typically picture-postcard resort that attracts an up-market demographic and so has more than its fair share of designer boutiques and high-quality restaurants. This makes it a perfect choice for those who are in a group which includes people with interests away from the slopes.

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