How to pick a good laptop in 2020

Today you can buy a laptop almost everywhere online and offline. Before deciding which one want to buy it’s always recommended to head to a local electronics store, even if you are planning to buy online. It’s great to compare statistics and specifications on a website, but without actually seeing different models and display sizes live it’s hard to pick a notebook that fits your needs in a perfect way.

Once you have an idea what kind of laptop you want to purchase, checking several review websites and comparison websites is a smart idea. Prices can vary a lot. Always make sure to compare the exact same models since most manufacturers offer a huge range of rather similar versions with different hard drive sizes, different memory and different operating systems. Pay close attention to all details, sometimes an offer may only be cheaper than another because the installed operating system is a free Linux instead of Windows 7 or similar.

There are many possible places to buy a laptop, my favourite one is Amazon. The reason why is pretty simple: They offer free shipping on almost all electronics, the customer service is great and if there are any problems with your laptop they’ll be handled in a professional and customer friendly way. Even better, you can also buy a prolonged warranty or additional insurance fast and easily by just adding it to your shopping cart, a service not many others offer. In addition, Amazon is always offering a competitive price, not always the lowest, but a low one and you know you bought from a company that cares for their customers, even after the actual purchase.

Do I need a laptop?

Laptops are very popular today and available in a multitude of configurations and designs. While many people use them for mobile computing, mobile gaming or simply surfing the web and checking emails, for some buyers it only serves as a replacement for a desktop pc. You can check Best Laptop review  in this link .

Using a laptop instead of a desktop saves quite a lot of space but comes with some disadvantages you should consider before purchasing a notebook. The keyboard and touchpad of a laptop are made for mobile use and do not offer the comfort of an ergonomic full size desktop keyword, so especially if you are typing longer texts you will miss this added comfort of a desktop keyword. The most important difference is the price: A good laptop can easily cost about double the price of a high-end desktop pc, since components for laptops need to be smaller, slimmer, produce less heat, which makes them more expensive than regular full-sized hardware.

So, before buying a laptop as a desktop replacement you should ask yourself if the saved space is worth the additional cost. A laptop certainly looks stylish and everybody seems to have one today, but sometimes a regular desktop is the smarter and more cost efficient solution, especially if you are planning to use the computer for many years and want to replace components from time to time to keep up with the technological developments.

If you are travelling a lot want to work outside, a laptop is a must have and can be the ideal companion for your needs. Make sure to buy a notebook with a good battery and avoid high performance laptops. A high-end graphics card and processor use a lot of energy, especially gaming laptops often don’t last longer than an hour or two if running in full performance mode before the battery is empty and needs to be recharged. Mobility always comes at a price, so be smart and get a real business laptop for working outside or while travelling.

The different types of laptops

There is a variety of laptops, from small netbooks or tablet PCs to high performance gaming laptops, each with its special advantages and usage profiles:

1. Netbooks

Netbooks are smaller than regular laptops, offer a little less performance, but are perfect for extended mobile use. They are very light and have a long battery life. Perfect in school, college or on a long business trip if you don’t need or run any graphics or cpu intensive applications. Maximum mobility at a low price.

2. Tablet PCs

If you are using a notebook mainly for entertainment and informational purposes, getting a tablet if the perfect solution. They offer a big display, will play music and videos and allow you to surf the web, write emails and use a huge variety of applications often called apps. Not suited for business use or typing a college essay, but perfect for if you want a device that’s pretty much like a smart phone, but with a much larger display.

3. Business Laptops

Business laptops are designed for mobility, good performance and durability. They often have large hard drives, a mid to upper range CPU, come with a lot of memory and are equipped with a high quality keyword. Perfect for all office applications. Real business laptops can be expensive since they use high quality components and come in a very durable case that’s made for the advanced requirements of business users. Often security solutions like automatic backups, encryption and file recovery are included to ensure maximum safety of your valuable business data. The Apple Macbook series is great as a business notebook for example.

4. Everyday Laptops

Average laptops aren’t designed for the longest battery life or the highest performance, but as a space saving alternative for desktop PCs. They aren’t made from ultra light components or include any fancy high-end hardware you won’t need for everyday usage, so they are affordable and a great solution for families and home users.

5. Gaming Laptops
Gaming laptops are designed for the enhanced performance requirements of modern 3D games. They are equipped with fast graphics chipsets, the latest CPUs, a lot of memory and high quality displays to ensure the best possible gaming experience. A pretty well-known and popular sample is the republic of gamers series from Asus. The only disadvantage of these high-end notebooks is their limited battery life. If you are using a gamer laptop in full performance mode, the battery probably won’t last more than two hours maximum, so getting replacement batteries and pre-charging them for extended mobile gaming sessions is certainly a smart idea.

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