Homemade Paint For Kids

As an adult, often you’re called on to be a hero of a moment.  For those with children, you’re often seen as something more than just a simple provider.  You’re entire world revolves around their safety, and their entire world depends on you being able to bring them along through experiences that shape their minds. now I am telling you full review of homemade paint for kids

One such way is to do arts and crafts with them.  Crayola Washable Kids’ Paints have a cost, so today’s article will experiment with watercolors that are safe for them, and you can craft these on your own, in your home, with little risk of permanent damage to the finer things in your house or apartment.  Let’s begin.

Make your sink and counter space your initial workshop

You need the following items.

  • 1 large mixing bowl
  • an ice cube tray
  • 2 tablespoons of corn starch
  • 4 tablespoons of baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons of white vinegar
  • ½ a teaspoon of light corn syrup
  • food coloring colors that are of your choice

homemade paint for kids

The reason you’re doing this in a kitchen area is due to the fact you’re not in a carpeted area.  Some dyes stain more permanently than dinner party spills, so keeping your activity on tile is an absolute must.

In the sink basin, in a large mixing bowl, mix the baking soda and the vinegar first.  You will be stirring this and hear fizzing.  Continue mixing this up until the fizzing stops.  The mixing of this may cause your efforts to bubble over, so you can rest easy if this gets on the washable basin.  Next, the corn starch and corn syrup should be added.  Continue stirring until the starch is dissolved.

Pour the blend into the ice cube trays.  Only fill these up half-way.  It will allow this to dry before you add water and coloring.  You add drops of your colors until you find the palate that you want.

Final Prep Before the Masterpiece Begins

Once you have the colors that are desired, place the tray in a cool, dry area, so it may dry.  It may take two days to dry, be patient.  Your little Van Gogh will be interested in the results, and if it needs a little more dehydration before experimentation, add a pinch of corn starch.

When you’re not using the paints, these should be stored in a watertight container or bag to where insects aren’t attracted to them.  Food grade items have the potential to summon critters, and one does not want them to ruin one’s hopes for an artistic afternoon.

Painting Day

Homemade watercolors will not permanently stain your clothing or carpeting.  That was placed in here as to help condition your little artist that such activities should be prepared for properly.  On the day where the paints are used, proper painting gear should be used, but be advised, proper cleaning after contact with them should pull them right out.

Prepare the area with a tablecloth or newspaper.  Have a few disposable cups available for mixing and enjoy the process of discovery, that is so integral to the young minds. Once you’ve finished, you can go out there and create some beautiful oil paintings of landscapes, which you can proudly hang on your home’s walls!

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