5 Interesting Ways to Use Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning

We definitely realize that you can add walkerswood jerk seasoning to your preferred chicken, pork, meat, and fish plans to give it that additional style of Jamaican flavor. Yet there are a few really interesting ways a person can add this specific traditional essence for your daily dishes, which makes it not only interesting, yet deliciously unique. The Scotch Bonnet Pepper in Jerk seasoning gives it that great Jamaican kick. It’s not the most sultry pepper on the planet, yet it’s unquestionably the most delicious.

1. Mix in together with your scrambled eggs

Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning

You can bring a little innovativeness and loads of flavor to your fried eggs by including a little jerk. The outcome… a one of a kind mix that will make them take a gander at eggs in an entire diverse manner. The jerk seasoning has solid flavors, so be mindful so as not to overpower your eggs, you just need a little with a side of toast.

2. Mix together with Guacamole (avocado) regarding an amazing dip


This is particularly extraordinary for parties. Just add some jerk seasoning to your guacamole for a stunning plunge. This combination of a Mexican most loved with Jamaican fortune makes certain to carry an extraordinary mix to a straightforward plunge dish. On the off chance that you need to go full scale “yardie,” at that point serve this delightful plunge with some Excelsior Jamaican Water Crackers.

3. Improve Mayo for a wonderful sandwich distribute

sandwich distribute

Exuberant up any sandwich or burger with some jerk Mayo. Essentially add some jerk seasoning to your locally acquired or home-made mayonnaise blend and Viola!!!…deliciousness. This is a wonderful method to carry some flavor to a plain sandwich. Discard the spread and add some jerk mayo to your flame-broiled corn too… Shhh… be mindful so as not to uncover your mystery fixing.

4. Jerk French Fries

Jerk French Fries

Add some island flavor to those ordinary French fries. This really works better with the JCS Dry Jerk Seasoning. All you need with this one is a bundle of solidified fresh French fries and some dry jerk seasoning. Heat fries and afterward sprinkle on jerk seasoning. The JCS Jerk ketchup fills in as an incredible plunge for these fries.

5. Mix with a fish sandwich

fish sandwich

Tidy up your fish sandwich by straightforward including some jerk seasoning into your blend. This goes extraordinary on a sandwich, however, can fill in as a fascinating hors d’oeuvre when matched with saltines.

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