5 Gadgets To Take With You When You Go Camping

Getting away from the maddening crowd can be a thrilling, as much as well-deserved experience. To make sure, however, that you do not end up getting more than you bargained for, such as being stranded out in the woods, without means of communication or phone signal. Many things can go wrong while embarked on such a trip, so a good idea would be to be well prepared for everything. Here are some essential gadgets you should have with you.

best gadgets for camping

A water purifier

Even the most pristine water streams can hold unexpected dangers in the shape of microorganisms that can cause severe health problems. To make sure that all the water you drink is safe for you and the other people in your party, get a portable water purifier. Make sure to clean the water of all the large sediments, by straining it, then place the portable water purifier inside and let it purify the water you are about to drink.

5 gadgets to take with you when you go camping
A GPS unit

You should always know where you go and where you come from. What better way to do that than making sure that your vehicle is equipped with a GPS unit. Many people go camping with their RVs, which is why an RV GPS is a must-have for long trips. Besides helping you avoid getting lost in the woods, such a unit can tell you about the best places to camp with your RV, as well as what other routes to take to avoid mishaps, like narrow roads and the like.

Best Camping GPS unit

A power bank

While you may go camping because you want to be away from technology, the chances are that you will still have your smartphone and even a tablet with you. For longer trips, it is a great idea to have a power bank with you so that you can recharge your phone a few times. The models with multiple ports even allow you to recharge more devices at the same time.

Folding kitchen essentials

Cooking in the wild can be an exciting adventure, but hauling everything you need for that, regarding kitchen utensils, is not. That is why a solution that is more high tech than you probably use is a set of folding kitchen essentials. These will take up less room in the trunk of your car.

A sun lighter

Making a fire can be more fun when you use a gadget to make it happen. Available in stores for only several bucks, such devices are easy to use, and they will make you feel more like an out doors man than ever before. Focusing the energy freely offered by the sun, this gadget will let you create a fire with very little at your disposal.

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