Online Casino Rules and Percentages Explained

Playing online can be expensive. When a web casino accepts your credit card, you’re usually giving up 2% of your total purchase. When you use a PayPal account, you’re leaving another 1.4% or more in the pot when you make a deposit. You can remove these transaction fees from your total winnings when you play at a No Deposit Casino.

You won’t win a jackpot if you don’t play the proper casino rules. The same can be said for regular roulette, craps, or blackjack. If you don’t know how a game is supposed to be played, you can still win a little, but it’s going to be smaller than if you knew what you were doing.

With online casinos, you’re playing under many of the same rules as a land-based casino. However, free casino   there are differences in how the games are implemented. You might notice that the rules on how bets are handled, what blackjack hands you can get, and the number of ways you can lose in roulette are different online.


The vast majority of online casinos make exceptions to these rules and add their own twists. This makes it harder to know what rules the casino is supposed to be playing under and what rules you’re supposed to be playing by. It’s fairly common to read online about how a particular casino is not following certain rules, and yet you can find endless blogs and articles that address the exact same situation.

At the end of the day, you might be fine knowing that a particular casino isn’t exactly following the rules when the casino is making exceptions to it and adding their own twists. You’re still getting a casino bonus, and even though you’re not getting exactly what you expected, you’re not losing any money, either.

Online Casino Percentages Explained

When you play at an online casino, you’re going to bet with your money. That’s it. So, online casinos have the same percentage limits that land-based casinos have. The limits are very low. The maximum bet most casinos let you make in a typical online casino is $25.

If you start out with a $100 wager, that means that at most you’re only supposed to take $10 off the money you win. If you make a $100 wager, you need to make a bet of at least $100. If you make $100 on a $100 bet, you don’t win $100. Instead, you keep whatever you won.

You have to remember this when you’re making wagers. You can’t lose $100 and then make $100 more back. You’re doing it backwards. You need to only have a $100 wager. Then, free casino you need to either be winning or lose that amount. If you lose $100, you can’t make up for it by betting $200. You need to lose the $100 first before you can break even.

You can lose more money this way. Say you are winning a high hand in a video poker game. You make a $1,000 bet with a 1:1 ratio. You go 7:2. You end up winning $1,280. If you go into a $1,000 wager with a 1:1 ratio, but you win $4,000, you’re actually going to end up $1,280 in the hole. You need to play carefully with wagers.

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